Ribbon Cutting and Media Event

March 24th, 2021

Opening Day for Drop-In Visitors

April 7th, 2021

Regular hours will be from 10 am to 4 pm, Wednesday through Saturday

Visiting the Whiskey Rebellion Education and Visitor Center

When visiting the Whiskey Rebellion Education and Visitor Center be sure to walk straight across Main Street (20 steps) to the Bradford House Museum

Who We Are

The Bradford House Historical Association (BHHA), a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, is excited to announce that we are increasing our educational capacity through the expansion of our museum’s campus. The BHHA owns and operates the Bradford House Museum, a National Historic Landmark, built in 1788 by David Bradford, a leader of the Whiskey Rebellion. We will increase our capacity to educate the public through the expansion of our campus by renovating the late Victorian storefront adjacent to the museum into the Whiskey Rebellion Education and Visitor Center.

This expansion will allow us to more fully educate the community and visitors about the historical significance of the Whiskey Rebellion and David Bradford, a history that is unique to western Pennsylvania and Washington County. The center will also allow us to meet the needs of our physically-challenged visitors with fully accessible educational space and an accessible restroom. The center will also expand our back office capacity with work, meeting, and storage spaces allowing our Executive Director’s office to be on-site. The addition of the educational center and in partnership with local historical groups, the BHHA will be able share the important story of the Whiskey Rebellion and how it helped shape American history through educational hands-on activities and displays including a historic timeline, period exhibits, and 18th century tavern bar, and distilling displays.

Other Whiskey Rebellion Sites

Benjamin Wells Historical Marker

Site of burned home of tax collector Benjamin Wells

Black Horse Tavern Historical Marker

Stolen U.S. Mail examined at this site

Bower Hill Historical Marker

Site of Battle of Bower Hill and burned home of General John Neville

Braddock's Field Historical Marker and History Center

Starting point for the march on Pittsburgh

Bradford House Museum

Home of Whiskey Rebellion leader David Bradford

Colonel Edward Cook Historical Marker

Home of Whiskey Rebellion leader Colonel Edward Cook

Corbly Marker (at Garards Fort Cemetery)

Site of attack on the Corbly family

David Espy House Historical Marker

Bedford headquarters of President George Washington

Fort Pitt Blockhouse and Museum

Federal military base during Whiskey Rebellion 

Friendship Hill National Historic Site

Home of Whiskey Rebellion leader Albert Gallatin

Harmon Husband Historical Marker

Home of Whiskey Rebellion supporter Harmon Husband

Jean Bonnet Tavern

Liberty pole raised here in protest of excise tax

Miller’s Blockhouse Historical Marker

Site of 1782 Shawnee attack

Mingo Creek Presbyterian Church

Site of organization against the excise tax

Old St. Luke's Church

General John Neville sought refuge at this site after Battle of Bower Hill

Old Stone Tavern

Gathering place for Whiskey Rebellion participants

Oliver Miller Homestead

Site of the first shots of the Whiskey Rebellion

Redstone Old Fort Historical Marker

Site of organization against the excise tax

Whiskey Point Historical Marker

Site of Whiskey Rebellion meetings and debates

William Findley Historical Marker

Home of Whiskey Rebellion leader William Findley

Woodville Plantation

Home of John and Presley Neville

A Special Thanks

Funded by generous donors and foundations such as the Allegheny Foundation, EQT Foundation and the Salvitti Family Foundation.

The Whiskey Rebellion Education & Visitor Center created through a handful of very talented board members (Denise Cummins, Hilary Miller, Michael Robinson and Kathy Teagarden), the Executive Director, Tracie Liberatore, and consultants, William Kline and Clay Kilgore working together with Springboard Design, Blue Sky Sign Company and Carpenter Connection.

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